Christmas, music and.. stuff?

So, xmas is almost over now, and since I took some nice photos I decided to write a post about all kinds of things that have happened lately.

As far as Christmas goes, I’ve been very well! I spent the eve in Kangasala with my relatives, and today we came home and I’ve been doing basically nothing. Apart from eating.

And music, of course. I got a Fostex multitracker model 280, not as a present but because my stepmothers father died a month ago. He was a violinist and a teacher, so he used the multitracker for all sorts of things. Nowadays it’s quite outdated (having a record-option.. onto a C-cassette!!), but works well for me as a general mixer :33

I spent today playing around with it, both musically and graphically.. since I took a couple of photos of it! Here are the best pics;

Here’s a “overall” view, too bad I couldn’t get the camera any higher :o

Now, about two weeks ago I made an album to bandcamp, and I released it yesterday. So, check that you have your monies with you, ready - set - and off you go, throw them here;

I guess that’s about it, I hope everyone’s had a nice Christmas and will have at least equally nice new year!

Sync - An album by me \o/

I’ll release an album on 24th December 2013, and it’s out for pre-ordering!

Check it out and spread the word :3

Talk about Cosplay

hmm.. I THINK I said I don’t do cosplay, but now I’m just stressing the part “..not yet, at least”.

Thing is, I cosplayed a character my gf drew and designed (well I did help with ideas and stuff). She put together the cosplay, I had to fix the dress though.. or have it fixed, moonertus did a great job with it ^^

SO, you must be wondering what it’s all about, what’s the character, how did I manage, why, where, when, wtf!? Well, Tracon 2013, Tampere, Finland, 14-15.9. for the sake of it. And I did well.

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Something completely different; Latin Jazz!

Mythelene, Greece

Mythelene, Greece

Cosplay and I? well, something towards that :3

No. I’m not doing a cosplay of anything myself, not yet at least…

The thing I am and have been doing tho, is a robotic arm -sleevethingle for moonertus and her cosplay of Vriska Sekret from Homestuck

Original idea was to get it done for Desucon Frostbite, but iirc she got ill the week before and then we had some time management issues due to school and that (we even drew it during lessons and breaks at school x) ) Anyhow, today we got pretty much into the finishing-phase, as in the hand’s got only couple slightly noticeable places completely without details but most of the hand is done. 

Without further explaining, PICS! (I’ll supply more when I get moonertus to wear the whole cosplay so it’ll look better from afar)

Most of the finished details visible here, the wrist area is still unfinished.



A closeup of the part I’m most pleased with, the outer side of her forearm. Some finishing needed towards the elbow, though.



some wiring and a lack of details on the other side, “ew”. We fixed this up after taking these pictures :D


KNUCKLES! and fingers, you can’t really see much of the details here, since they’re near the thumb.. Also, that weird oval-thing on top of her wrist, we got to figure something out for that too.


And here’s the palm, details made by moonertus herself.. so now I can actually say “fucking awesome”, since now it’s not compliments towards myself..


There, I’ll probably supply more pics when I get any, these were taken just for the joy of getting this as far as it is :)

Grats for moonertus for not losing her nerves with me asking “can we continue it!?” every other day, hope you like it

Whee, yet another tune!

Woho! Moar music!! \o/

Damn this chordbase, got to use it no more!

Vappu ftw \o/

Had fun compoing with wzl this past week :3

Sketches and Chiptune \o/

I’ve got colors !

For a while now I’ve been tempted to buy some colourful pens and such.. and now that I happened to have some money on me, I did. At first I bought only one orange pen, but quickly noticed how the scene was quite ‘too orange’… and I decided to buy blue and yellow pens too, and then I’m now at the point at which I could say this is finished :)

Took three photos of the steps, but the first one was over-exposed and I noticed it after I took the 2nd photo.. so, well, two steps to show here;