Salo 2012 – Regional Session of EYP Finland

Woah, what an weekend with EYP… European Youth Parliament had a meeting in Salo, Finland, and I was there too (as a delegate). The whole happening was hellishly awesome in total, and I’m damn tired now.

So, what did we do there then? Our main task was to discuss and make solutions into problems we find out in the subject we were discussing. I went into (mostly due to the fact that the other good options were already taken) FEMM, Female rights and gender equality. Turned out that a friend of mine from school had had the same problem as I did, and we were the only boys in the FEMM-group x) That wasn’tas bad as we thought at first, and we (or atleast I) did came up with nice solutions too. In total, the “work” part of the EYP-meeting was quite hard, but fun at the same time. Ofc, that wasn’t all we did… not at all ;)

About the other stuff we did, as in, free time. It was the “awesome” part in my original statement. We actually didn’t have very much of it, but we did have some small games the chair persons arranged for us, and FEMM even won 3 other committees in fearless combat of say, going bananas ;) But boy when the chair persons left us alone and gave us free time until the next activities, THAT was fun. Well, at least “fun” as in changing opinions and life-stories with fellow delegates (I think I even shared quite much of my latest musical career at something around 1am and 2am), playing (god I wish they had a piano :((), singing, dancing at a party and so on.. long story short, it was fun.

About our language-usage. The activities were (pretty clearly) in English, so we spoke English while working with our stuff and playing with our chair persons. At first it felt quite stupid to speak only English with a group in which everyone spoke Finnish natively (apart from a Finnish-Swedish girl). I quickly got used to speaking English as the ‘main’ language of the event, and actually writing this post in English is easier now than usually, since I’ve just been speaking English for the past 3 days. In fact, mostly it was a pain in the ass to try and speak Finnish during some of the small breaks, and even more a pain to try and convert En to Fin or Fin to En, It’s just, like, I understand both languages, but thinking of how they connect is difficult x) Other languages that could be heard — or at least what I heard — were Swedish, Chinese, French, Czech and a small bit of German.

So about the statement I made in the beginning, the event was divided into two subsets, Awesome and Hellishly Awesome, the work being the first and the free time being the latter. 

Thanks for all the EYP-members who took part in the event, it was absolutely amazing :9

- Elias “Wing” Linjama